Bulldog Marine

Bulldog Marine is a full-service marine contractor specializing in marine engineering, marine construction and ship repair services.

We lead the commercial marine industry in providing on-site marine engineering solutions for commercial vessels, marine structures and recreational boats. With our focus on competitive pricing and top quality work, our project management services are unmatched.

Our reputation for excellence is well recognized. Each division of Bulldog Marine is comprised of top professionals whose work is requested time and again because of the high level of results they achieve.

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Marine Engineering

Bulldog Marine’s wide range of marine engineering services are designed to help your ship, fleet or marine operation run efficiently so you stay within budget and finish on time.

Our services include everything from project assessment to design engineering to a full suite of services for marine repairs. And to make it easy for you, all of our services can be done at your work site.

We understand that each customer and each project has it’s own unique set of issues and challenges. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive set of marine engineering solutions that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Construction and Repair

Our teams of marine engineers and professional support staff are skilled at new build and construction as well as all types of repair work, conversions and refits.

We can manage projects from beginning to end or we can provide a full range of support services for specific projects. We can bring our team to your work site or we can provide support to your current staff.

We specialize in managing a variety of projects for the commercial marine industry as well as federal contract facilities including the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard. Whether you have a single ship or fleet of vessels, we can help.

On-Site Project Management

Unlike most shipyards around the Gulf of Mexico, we provide marine engineering services for our customers both at our location in Mobile, Alabama as well as on-site at locations around the country.

We work hard to make your work easier. A full scope of services, from engineering to construction to repair can be managed at your work site to help you streamline your operations and limit costs.

Whether it’s a shipyard, marina or other in-water structure, we can take our services to your location.